Resource Mobilization and Partnership Building Department

The Department is structured into two divisions.

  • International and National Division
  • Private sector Division

The functions of the Department are as follows:

  1. Mobilization of external supports, grants in aid and partnership building.
  2. Assist in the coordination of intervention & collaboration with sub-regional, regional & international organizations and agencies for effective implementation of the GGW programme.
  3. Liaison with Africa Union Commission & the Pan African Agency for the GGW.
  4. Liaison with private sector organizations to secure funding for the Agency.
  5. Collaboration with the ecological fund office and natural resources fund office to ensure the timely release of GGW funds.
  6. Mobilization of additional financial support & grants in aid from Nigerian CSOs, Institutions & Agencies.
  7. Work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant MDAs. 
  8. Regional cooperation and experience-sharing networks.
  9. Co-ordinate bilateral and multilateral technical cooperation agreements, protocols, conventions, and treaties related to Agency.
  10. Co-ordinating relationships with United Nations Agencies and other development partners.
  11. Maintain relationships with multilateral and bilateral commissions.
  12. Co-ordinating relationships with United Nations Agencies and other development partners.
  13. Mobilization of private sector Investment in Sustainable Land Management.


To liaise, establish and build relationship with bilateral and multilateral commissions; private sector organizations; mobilize financial support and grants in aid from Nigeria CSOs, Institutions and relevant MDAs.


To coordinate and collaborate with sub-Regional, Regional and International Organizations and Agencies for the effective implementation of the Great Green Wall (GGW) programme.