Strategic Planning And Coordination

Developing comprehensive strategies and ensuring seamless coordination for effective implementation of restoration and conservation efforts.


The National Agency for the Great Green Wall’s processes and governance structures are in place to formulate strategies and action plans, coordinate stakeholders and ensure compliance towards attainment of the objectives of the Programme. 

Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (MEF) for the Nigerian GGW is developed and in place. The MEF outlines minimum set of strategic indicators for each project centered on the following aspect linked to the GGW National Strategic Action Plan objectives, impacts and expected outcomes.

Inspection of Direct Tree planting in 2021. Planting trees is also an easy and sustainable way of positively affecting the environment. By planting more trees, it will contribute to global reforestation efforts, restoring lost forests, repairing damaged ecosystems and mitigating climate changes.

Former Senate Committee on Climate Change on Ecology, former Chairman Senate Committee on Environment with the former DG NAGGW on inspection of project site in Katsina State.

One of the key functions of strategic planning and co-ordination is to inspire and motivate the staff of the Agency to work towards the mandate and vision of the Agency. Training on Geographic Information System (GIS) was carried out to educate the staff on modern ways of using GIS. Other key departments and unit carried out similar acts to ensure and enhance capacity building.  

Quarterly assessment on the programmes and projects of the National Agency for the Great green wall to evaluate the process in achieving its aim and objectives.

Board assessment and approval of Agency programmes and projects. The board members meet to deliberate on the issues related to the mandate of the Agency and the milestones attained.