Promotion of Alternative livelihood

Fostering diverse income-generating activities to alleviate poverty and enhance economic stability in affected communities.


The Department of Rural Development and Extension Services is one of the Technical Departments saddled with the responsibility of designing, developing, and implementing rural sustainable development strategy within the GGW operational areas to contribute to greater ecosystem stability, enhanced food security, and improved livelihoods.

Furnishing, Equipping, and provisioning starter packs for Skill Acquisition Centres. The purpose of this is to support frontline communities with alternative livelihoods to diversify their income, reduce rural poverty, generate employment, reduce pressure on land resources and land degradation, enhance the rural economy, and curtailment social unrest. The project is targeted toward generating wealth and empowerment of Women and Youth in NAGGW operational areas.

Youth and Women in Various Skills at Agency’s Skill Acquisition Centres in 2020.

The need for capacity training and development of 645 rural youth and women community members to provide alternative livelihood support to diversify their income. A knitting Class Session was carried out during the women empowerment embarked upon by the Agency.

Distribution of smart saver and super saver cooking stoves to thirty (30) communities in 2021. This is to improve and promote the livelihoods of the affected communities.

Empowerment Programmes

The National Agency for the Great Green Wall Trained 100 youths in poultry farming to serve as an alternative source of livelihood and enhance sustainable development in the community.

The National Agency for the Great Green Wall also extended empowerment programs of men and Youth in Lokoja, Kogi State. Participants were empowered with Motorcycles, Grinding Machines and Water Pumping Machines to improve their Livelihoods.