Procurement Unit

The Procurement Unit is under the direct supervision of the Director-General. The functions of the Unit are:

  1. Co-ordinate the preparation of the Agency’s Procurement plan.
  2. Liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement on all Procurement matters.
  3. Prepare Reports and returns on all Procurement activities.
  4. Ensure all Procurement processes are strictly followed in accordance with the Public Procurement Act.
  5. Monitor and evaluate projects executed by the Agency and other procurement activities.
  6. Liaise with the Bureau of Public Procurement and obtain Certificates of “No Objection” to contract award in line with prior review threshold.
  7. Establish pricing standards/ benchmark/ market survey.
  8. Ensure fair competition, transparent and value for money for the Procurement of Public Assets.
  9. Preparation and submission to advertising media, the documents for soliciting quotations, pre-qualification, bidding, and request for proposals.
  10. Provide functional secretariat for the Agency’s Tenders Board (TB), Procurement Planning Committee and Evaluation Committee.