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The increase in extreme weather events and rising sea levels are unmistakable signs of climate change. Roughly 850 million people still live without access to electricity, which is the foundation.

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All ECO Forestation Plantation Reforestration Water Resources

2023 Annual Tree Planting Campaign

The 2023 planting season has officially BEGUN, and the #NAGGW is stepping up the fight against desertification across the frontline states. This is building upon the groundwork laid earlier in.
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Half-Moon (Zai Method) Largescale Planting

The leadership of the National Agency for the Great Green Wall has introduced the Half-Moon (Zai Method) largescale planting technique in its 2023 planting activities to improve water retention capacity.
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Presentation of the Groasis Waterboxx Across the 11 Frontline States and the FCT

With the presentation of the Groasis Waterboxx across the 11 frontline states and the FCT, we are implementing innovative solutions to address water scarcity.
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